Mrs. 26 Mayam, Story About My Mother


I wrote this story for my mother, this I  sumarize the story from her and from people who talk to me about her. My mother has royal blood. She is the next princess if Aceh still in kingdom form. Her relatif is Indonesian celebrities like Nova Eliza, Cut Mini and one play in Cut Nyak Dhien Movie as a Poet.


She left the celebirity world and marry my father. My father face the real life because my mother is hard and difficult person. My Pa have to obey what my mother say. But sometimes she have to obey my father because all the money for the family is from him. But my mother run everything in the house and my Pa built everything my mother wanted.

Its so hard to take this photo, because never happen our family stay together for along time

Palm trees lined up still lush on the side of the road. Making a trip behind the Chevrolet wedding pickup car was great fun. Dozens of sugarcane stalks are tied to the roof. Some chatting gleefully while occasionally wrapping buns and tucking into his teeth. Then laughed again with a few yellow teeth.

Garot, Aceh Indonesia in 1980. Chevrolet crosses a hollow road on the side of the river Garot. House wife  on the river’s riverbank is washing clothes, their husband dug the sand, the children ran and occasionally plunged into the river.

I fell in the back corner. Holding a trial. said my grandmother had to hold tight to this trial. because if it got upside down or shake. The contents will be destroyed. Grandmother said this trial is made for hours. With a very beautiful decoration. This is to replace Idang (wedding cake) fabric that is not so in buying the bride’s family.

Acehnese Wedding Dress Tradition

Chevrolet cars are far away in rent from several villages, to transport the trial and passengers for the biggest wedding of the year. Bang Pon wedding and Dek Cut. Pon is not the name of Teuku’s ancestry you were thinking about. But this brother’s name is Saifullah. Not a descendant of nobility. While Cut deck is Ulee Balang’s (noble Family) child. The famous Acehnese aristocrats used to behave in various ways.

Dek Cut, Flower village that fell in love at Bang Pon during the eighth view. While the Bang Pon once looked into the swamp directly, the swamp of love full of live mud and it turns out from the side of the goal can not come out anymore. Every night in a dream. Of course dreams vary. It’s impossible to always dream of a cut deck.

The first ever marriage of the Candidate-in-law, Cut Insyah, the heir of several oxen cages, several patches of rice fields, several garden trees and a historic sword.

“My Daughter 30 mayam! (about  100 grams of pure gold) She’s the only girl in this house! Toke Campli last month I have rejected his proposal because only able to pay 20 mayam! ”

As early as Cut Insyah’s lecture on Tgk. Imum, Community Leaders and Bang Pon. Come home to apply. Bang Pon Gestures to his father, to undertake. Her father turned back. Hinted his eyes as if to say

“You have mad my son” but Pon hinted again as if to say “Ya papa, I’m crazy about Deck cut”

“Look, the fiance is two mayam, raw four mayam and 20 mayam again when married” insult Cut Insyah when the invited guests are in discussion.

“Jeut Mak” said Bang Pon from the far post. Mr. Imum stroked his chest. Really great love bang Pon. Until nothing is sacrificed. First 26 mayam was not a little money. Four mayam have been able to buy one wardrobe shirt, plus cabinets.

Home of Royal Family Acehnese

Cut Insyah while sitting swallowed. Bakong Asoe also swallowed. Make him have to drink first and forget to invite the invitees. The expensive songket now fell from his shoulders as he took a glass. Her hands are full of gold bracelets that allegedly nearly 12 mayam when summed all up, along with the necklace that was seen when the songket fall.


Our Chevrolet car is parked at Teuku Umar Mosque. Bang Pon got out of the car in aid By his father, without Kawah mencetopnya. He was accompanied by his father walking towards the ablution of the mosque.

Four Chevrolet cars reach the Peutomeuruhom Mosque. The passengers descended. I slowly free my legs embracing the court, I jumped from the tub and rushed to the right side of the mosque where the men’s restroom was.

After pulling back zipper pants. No I saw any signs of the Bang Pon linto baro. Where is he? I go around the mosque. None too. The passengers of the car are getting huffed.

“Trep that lagoe!” Said Minah cupo. He started to sweat in the car. Go down and open the big fan in his hand. The picture of chinese dancers. Made of wood and thin cloth. Swinging it. The other linto intat parties had been sitting under the asan tree. There is also a play post to play the branch.

“Maun! come here “someone called me.

Apparently Bang Ram. I approached and asked. What a bang

Try your home deck cut, sometimes katroh. I’m in love 70 motor lock and home deck cut. Apparently the show is late tonight.

Unfortunately Dek Cut is not like his mama. He is simple but sweet, does not want to reveal his wealth. Just wear simple clothes, enough to cover the genitals. Clever cook and speech polite. But he was willing to submit to his mama. Every other person’s wedding. His mother always forced Bang Pon to buy new clothes for him. Never once so go to marriage to accompany the baro virgin. Because Bang Pon has not bought a new songket.

Fortunately Bang Pon man who is very diligent work, smart and soleha. Instead he built a small house of bamboo. For Cut Insyah ducks. And from then on you have melted his heart and allowed them to move into their own Home. without disturbed again by Ulee Balang cruel who has been assumed to swallow bakoe ng asoe (traditional food with special leaf) on the day of application.

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